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What could be better than a freshly baked loaf of bread? The crack of a crust, the warm feel of the crumb between your fingers, the inviting smell. And of course, nothing can beat the taste of a good loaf of hand crafted bread. We take pride in our product; come to us for artisan bread in Boston, MA.

At Hearth Artisan Bread, we take the art of bread making seriously. To us, bread is more than just square, tasteless slices meant to hold the rest of your sandwich. Bread can be so much more; it can elevate a meal. It provides sustainance and warmth. It comforts. It supports and steadies us for the day. And above all, it can be and should be delicious.

That is why we pride ourselves on making the best tasting bread possible. Our experienced bakers draw on breadmaking traditions that hearken back to the 18th century. We test and tinker with each recipe for our variety of breads until those recipes are just right. This obsessive attention to detail and our devotion to achieving excellence allows us to offer our customers the finest quality bread available.

But recipes are only part of the equation. To make a truly great loaf of bread, one must use the best material possible. We use only high quality ingredients in our bread, including a wide array of all natural grains. We even stone ground our heritage grains - which are non-genetically altered grains dating from the early 20th century - in house at our Plymouth bakery.

As a result of using the best ingredients, time-honored baking techniques and obsessing over every last detail, Hearth Artisan Bread offers the best tasting bread, with the kind of distinctive flavors and textures that can truly help you fall in love with bread all over again.

We hope you will come experience the joys of breaking bread with us.

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