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We love making bread. There is no simpler, better way to put it. The act of baking, the love and attention that goes into forming each loaf, connects us with generations upon generations of fellow bakers. We feel a connection to our customers, our neighbors, as well as our ancestors with each loaf we bake. And we hope that with each slice, with each scored or scratched crust on our bread, that our customers truly feel what it is to love bread. Visit our artisan bakery in Boston, MA today!

Because of this love, we take product quality very seriously. Hearth Artisan Bread operates out of our own world-class artisan bakery, right here in Plymouth, putting us right at the forefront of the baking industry. We use a state-of-the-art oven to ensure even heating, and bake in batch sizes that allow us to control the consistency and quality of our bread. This allows us to offer a wide variety of bread, proudly baked to be perfect.

That attention to detail, that desire to make the best bread possible, makes our product the bread of choice for many top chefs in some of Boston's finest restaurants. Our bread is sold in many unique shops throughout the area, so that the distinct flavors of our different styles of bread can be enjoyed far and wide.

Bread is an important part of our lives. It provides not just nourishment and sustainance, but also joy and contentment. We feel a great responsibility to make the absolute best bread we can, the sort of bread you would be proud to have on your table on any occasion, from family holidays down to a quiet, peaceful breakfast on a weekend morning.

We take our obligation seriously, and we dedicate ourselves to quality, to excellence, and to that wonderful crack a fresh loaf makes when you first break through the crust.

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